Work in progress on a new pendant, inspired by Estonia's beautiful nature ❤️ With my hand so you can see how tiny it is!

Today I finished this embroidered pin based off a picture I took in Finland last week while walking around one of the many beautiful lakes. I've made embroideries of Finnish landscapes before, but this was actually the first time I embroidered a lake, even though there's no shortage of lakes in Finland! In my defense, this was the first time I visited and the lakes were not frozen!

Funny story, when I told one of my Finnish friends I lived close to the beach in the Netherlands, it actually took her a while to realise I meant close to the sea! Because there are so many lakes, she associated 'a beach' with sand next to a lake, not the sea. After spending time knitting on a 'beach' like that, I can say I wouldn't mind living there either ;)