Me working on my embroidery frame at the Textile Arts Residency in Blonduos, Iceland.

Creating hand embroidered wearable art celebrating the beauty of the world around us.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, my name is Minne de Lange and my hands are the ones behind the embroideries here at Atelier Vegvisir. I'm a textile artist, originally from the Netherlands but currently I live a nomadic lifestyle; travelling around the world, living in many beautiful places as an artist in residence and creating embroidered art works to share the beauty of this world with everyone else.

I'd like to say that I have been an avid embroiderer since childhood, but unfortunately my mothers many attempts at getting the child-me to fall in love with the fiber arts were initially wasted-I was much more interested in drawing, painting and building things. It wasn't until art school that I tried my hand at sewing and enjoyed it, but even then, embroidery seemed to be not for me.

 I distinctly remember trying to embroider a butterfly on a jacket and when after many agonising hours I finally, finally finished the last threads...I pricked my finger and a drop of blood fell on one of the butterfly wings, rendering them asymmetrical. I threw the thing in a corner and vowed to never, ever embroider again. Fast forward a few years, a little bit more wisdom and quite a bit more patience, something happened and I fell in love with it after all. It combines my love of painting and my love of fibers-painting with threads, and I can't imagine anything I like to do more. Well..except perhaps traveling!

 Luckily, my work combines both. I live nomadically and travel around to artist residencies, often in remote places surrounded by beautiful nature. I turn what I observe in those places into intricate, tiny embroidered pendants and brooches-like a little world to carry with you where ever you go.

 The name 'Vegvisir' comes from an Icelandic magical stave or rune, literally it means 'signpost' and it is supposed to guide you on your way and protect you on your travels. Iceland was the first place I went to do a residency, now four years ago, and it holds a very special place in my heart. Since then, I've done multiple residencies in France, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Iceland and China. Right now, I'm at the Estonian Artist Association in Tallinn, Estonia, and I'll be off to rural Sweden in October.

 If you'd like to follow me along these adventures, just follow me here on the site, on Instagram or on Facebook. If you have any questions about purchasing some of my work, about artist residencies, about embroidery, or if you just want to chat, shoot me a message! 

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Thank you for coming along with my on this journey, let's hope it will take us to many beautiful places!