I'd like to say that I have been an avid embroiderer since childhood, but unfortunately my mothers many attempts of getting the child-me to fall in love with the fiber arts were initially wasted-I was much more interested in drawing, painting and building things. It wasn't until high school that I tried my hand at sewing clothes and enjoyed it, but even then, embroidery seemed to be not for me. I distinctly remember trying to embroider a butterfly on a jacket, and when after many agonising hours of work I finally, finally finishing the last threads..I pricked my finger and a drop of blood fell on the butterfly, rendering them asymmetrical. I threw the thing in a corner and vowed never, ever to embroider again.

Fast forward about ten years, a little bit more wisdom and quite a bit more patience, something happened and I fell in love with it after all. It combines my love of painting and my love of fibers-painting with threads, I can't imagine anything better. Well, perhaps travelling. Luckily, my work combines both! I travel around the world to artist residencies and I needlepaint what I observe. 

My work is not about me or any great thoughts I might have, it is about what I see. I love creating works to share the beauty and special qualities of the natural world around us, and share it with people and make them happy with a tiny piece of art you can hold and carry around with you forever. I love creating wearable art, rather than a static painting that is placed on the wall, because it will have a life after I finish it. I travel to a place, get inspired by something there and create a piece of wearable art from it. Then, when you wear it, you take this place further into the world where it has a life of it's own and continues to spread the beauty of our world.

The name 'Vegvisir' comes from an Icelandic magical stave or rune, literally it means 'signpost' and it is supposed to guide you on your way and protect you on your travels. Iceland was the first place I went to on residency, and it holds a very special place in my heart, so the name was a bit of a no-brainer ;)

Have a look around, check out the blog if you want to read about what I'm up to, and feel free to send me a message if you have questions about anything! The photo on this page shows me working in the workroom at the Textilsetur Residency in Blonduos, Iceland and was taken by Niamh Cleary.

You can find me on Etsy too: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AtelierVegvisir